Sue Schlom

Helping students, recent grads, and young professionals find great jobs is my passion.

I’m a recruiter and a career advisor. 

My recruiting career began with big companies including PepsiCo and Wrigley in Chicago.  At those companies I was responsible for campus and experienced hire recruiting.  In 2010, I moved to Vermont and joined the University of Vermont as the Career Advisor at the Grossman School of Business.  I quickly discovered that “millennials”, contrary to some of the negative stereotypes, are motivated and smart and want to work in jobs and at companies where they are valued and can contribute.

In 2014, I founded Campus to Career Solutions to help students and recent graduates find great jobs. I had met so many young people with tremendous potential struggling in their job search.  I saw this scenario play out far too many times:   A recent graduate would apply for dozens of jobs and not get any interviews, or even hear back from most of the employers. They would be forced to take non-degree jobs and move in with their parents, or struggle to make it on their own, because of crushing levels of student debt.

This doesn’t have to happen to you.

I love working with students and young professionals because of the enthusiasm and optimism and raw potential they have and because with a little coaching and advising from the point of view of an experienced recruiter, they have great success in finding real, career-launching jobs.

My credentials include an MBA from the University of Michigan, 15 years of campus recruiting experience for big, well-known companies, and 5 years of career advising with a focus on working with students and young professionals.

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