Internships are a great source of experience and are important to future employers.  Internships are what differentiates entry-level job seekers from others with the same degree.  They provide the real world experience that recruiters are looking for. 

Skyler has a lot going for him – he had been a member of the US Cross Country Ski Team, competing in the World Cup and vying for a spot on the Olympics roster.  He was a walk-on red-shirt sophomore on UVM’s Division 1 Soccer Team and was Captain of the team his Junior and Senior years.  He was studying Pubic Communications and had a 3.7 GPA.  And, he had great internship and volunteer experience.  But he wasn’t sure how to start down the path to achieve his ultimate career goals.

Skyler and I focused on two areas – figuring out what he should do for an internship and after graduation to help him begin to gain the skills to achieve his long term goals, and creating a resume that would be clear and compelling enough to get him any interview he wanted

Skyler landed an interview with Citibank Sales and Trading in San Francisco from an on-line application – an almost unheard-of feat considering that Citibank recruits most of their interns off of the elite campuses they recruit at.”

At the end of the summer, Skyler accepted an offer to return as a Sales and Trading Analyst.  After graduation he will relocate back to San Francisco after receiving three 3 months of training with his “class” in New York City.  Congratulations Skyler!”

“I heard about Sue through an email from a skyler-davisprofessor at UVM.  I really liked her enthusiasm and willingness to work with me.  She genuinely wants to help you find the right fit.   We worked on my resume, cover letter and some specific outreach.  I am 100% certain that our work helped me get my internship.  Sue is a great person to talk with about career advice and plans.  She really cares about you, what you want to get out an internship or job.  She will help guide you into a great path!   I would highly recommend Sue, she cares about what you want and will help you achieve it. Even if you are just looking for general career advice she is your person!” – Skyler, UVM 2017

Audrey studied Public Communication at the University of Vermont.  There were so many career options available to her, but she didn’t know which path to pursue. Through our work together, Audrey discovered a passion for recruiting.  We worked together on her resume, cover letter, and interview skills.  This lead to an HR/Recruiting summer internship at a global pharmaceutical company with an office in Vermont.  That experience, along with her sorority leadership experience, landed her a dream job as an Enrollment Management Professional in the UVM Office of Admissions.  Audrey is excited audrey-williamsto travel the Northeast and recruit students to UVM.  Way to go, Audrey!!

“Sue is an awesome Career Advisor and she has always been a great resource for me.  I knew what I was passionate about, but I had no idea how to turn that into a career.  Sue helped me understand different career paths that connected my degree and my interests. With her guidance, I landed an internship that was a great learning experience and helped me get the skills and experience for my new full-time job.” -Audrey W, UVM 2016

Drew contacted me the summer before his Senior year. He really wanted a Big 4 accounting internship the following summer.  We created a new resume and researched the right people for him to network with and how to best contact them.  By the time internship recruiting began, the recruiters came looking for him!

andrew“This is quite a surreal moment, so I had to send you an email. It feels like our first phone call over the summer before my senior year happened just yesterday! Now, I am starting my first full week at Ernst & Young. It’s wild how things have worked out – I could not be more happy to be where I am today. A large part of that comes from your influence. You gave me the confidence to strive for high goals, even when the outlook was a bit opaque. If I could thank you a million times, I would!” Drew K, UVM B.S. 2015 and M.S. Accounting 2016

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