If you’re a new grad seeking a first job or a young professional wanting to make a career transition, I can help you get your dream job. 

Each job search strategy is individualized based on the strengths and goals of the client. I use my expertise as a recruiter, knowledge of the job market, and broad base of contacts to help clients achieve success in their job search.

Jjosh-webosh graduated from SUNY ESF at Syracuse in 2014.  His fear was that he’d get stuck in front of a computer doing repetitive, boring work.  He wanted to have a job where he was constantly learning, contributing, felt valued, had some control over his own schedule so he could pursue his passions outside of work:

“My parents have been working all their lives for a nice home and a comfortable retirement. I value nice housing and money, however my dream is to have full or partial control of my daily schedule and to be able to travel. After college, I worked for a company that offered a generous time off package, I could leave early on a Friday, I could even take a day off with a one day notice. Furthermore, I was able to contribute to the company right away from improving sales tools, logistics and inventory to participating in senior meetings. It never felt like a ‘typical desk job’ I never felt like I was doing the grunt work to make it to the top; my work was valuable. My housing was beautiful and I traveled every single weekend. Life is better out of school” – Josh R, SUNY ESF at Syracuse, 2014

I first met Sumeera in 2010 when she was a business student at the University of Vermont. She had boundless energy and was incredibly active on campus.  When she graduated, she moved to Colorado and easily found a job with a large, national bank.

Five years later, she was ready for a change. She wanted to move from banking to financial or risk analysis but was not getting interviews. Together, we looked at what jobs were available and updated her resume to better reflect the relevant skills and experience she already had.

Not only did she get the interview for the first job she applied to – she got the job!

sumeera“After five years of working for the same bank in Colorado and Boston, I was ready for a change. I had applied for over 25 jobs and wasn’t even getting interviews. Sue was an awesome resource when I was in college, she helped me create my first resume, so I reached out to her for help. She helped me re-do my resume and prepare for tough interview questions. After only two video meetings, I started to apply to jobs again. I got the first job I applied for! Sue is a great resource because of her dedication and significant knowledge in career development and networking. She has worked for several top companies. She understood and could relate to my frustration with job hunting and being able to find the right job and company that I could offer my skill set and knowledge to. She has always gone over and beyond to help me find the right job and tailor that resume to the right position! I would highly recommend Campus to Career Solutions.” – Sumeera G., UVM 2011

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