Sue is an awesome Career Advisor and she has always been a great resource for me.  I knew what I was passionate about, but I had no idea how to turn that into a career.  Sue helped me understand different career paths that connected my degree and my interests. With her guidance, I landed an internship that was a great learning experience helped me get the skills and experience for my new full-time job.


Merchant’s Bank called me back and offered me the summer Credit Analyst Internship! I couldn’t be more excited! Couldn’t have made it happen without your constant flow of information and help throughout the process – so THANK YOU!

Zach P

I have some exciting news! I just got a job offer from IBM! Thank you so much for all of your help and advice, it definitely helped me get to this point!

Yuliya G

Paul M. is about to leave for Seattle for Boeing and Chris is happy in Boston working for Hubspot.  In this job market, I feel lucky they have good places to hang their hats and I wanted to write to you to say thanks for all you did for them.  I heard your name often from both of them about how much you assisted in their job searches and how kind you were.  I bet the position you hold can be challenging on a good day and I hope the knowledge of helping young people pursue their dreams makes it all worth while.

John & Mary M

I wish they had this when I graduated!

Kim T.

My first introduction to Sue was through the University of Vermont School of Business. At that point in time, she greatly helped in both polishing my resume and through offering superb career planning advice. Sue is well accomplished and intuitive at what she does, as exemplified through her extensive background in talent acquisition, recruiting and career consulting. All of this has provided her with the credentials to be a fantastic career adviser (which she is)!

Sue bent over backwards to help me, both while at UVM AND after graduation. Her expertise in career development and networking aided me in landing my dream job at, only one month after graduation! I highly recommend her to anyone in need of career services, especially recent grads.

Kristen T.